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Handbook Separation

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Slack #wg_handbook_separation
Google Doc Working Group Agenda
Issue Board Issue Board
Label ~wg-handbook-separation

Problems To Solve

Pulling the handbook into a separate repository and removing it from the www-gitlab-com repository.


For more context on please reference the following epics created prior to creation of this working group:

  1. www-gitlab-com improvements & support
  2. Monorepo refactor :: Phase 1.5 - Handbook Isolation epic
  3. Define DRI for www-gitlab-com repo and project & supporting google doc

Business Goals

Protocols and Processes

Creating Epics, Issues and MRs for the working group board

Please note the above actions are necessary for succesful async collaboration.

How we'll review and share the work

NOTE TO ALL: Please pay attention to your GitLab To-Do list! We'll not hold the train on non-controversial MRs for more than 24 hours.


Meetings are recorded and available on GitLab unfiltered and a handbook separation working group playlist. The faciliator will post a link to the video in a Slack as part of a meeting summary after every weekly sync.

Starting Criteria

  1. Designate DRI for the handbook
  2. TBD

Exit Criteria

  1. Separate repository for the handbook.
  2. TBD

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Sponsor    
Functional Lead    
Member Lauren Barker Senior Fullstack Engineer, Digital Experience
Member Chad Wooley Senior Engineer, Product
Member Tyler Williams Fullstack Engineer, Digital Experience
Member Lien Van Den Steen Senior Fullstack Engineer, People Group
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