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GTM Product Usage Data

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Property Value
Date Created March 10, 2020
Target End Date FY22-Q1
Slack #wg-gtm-product-analytics (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc Working Group Agenda (only accessible from within the company)
Docs TBD
Related Overview GTM Product Analytics: Status, Gaps and the Road Forward
Associated OKRs FY21-Q2 - Architect Telemetry, FY21-Q3 - Deploy Product Analytics, FY21-Q4 - Deploy Product Analytics in GTM Motion

Problem To Solve

Integrate GitLab product usage data and related data into CRO organization business processes to accelerate customer adoption and improve customer retention.

Business Goal

Embed product usage and related data across GTM business processes and systems (Salesforce, Gainsight, Marketo, SiSense, etc.).

Exit Criteria

KR: Deploy license usage in Salesforce and Gainsight for self-managed customers with usage ping data received and 99% of SaaS KR: Automate basic metrics for Create, Verify, and Secure within Salesforce and Gainsight to track and drive adoption and expansion KR: Ensure delivery of basic Salesforce and Gainsight enablement to GTM teams

For a more extensive resource, see GTM Product Analytics: Status, Gaps and the Road Forward.

Step 1: Understand what is needed and Architect Product Analytics = 100%
Step 2: Deploy Telemetry => 90%
Step 3: Deploy Product Analytics across entire GTM Motion => 40%

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Stakeholder David Sakamoto VP Customer Success
Facilitator Jeff Beaumont Senior Manager Customer Success Operations
Functional Lead, Data Rob Parker Senior Director, Data and Ana
Functional Lead, Product Analytics Keanon O'Keefe Senior PM, Product Analytics
Functional Lead, Fulfillment Justin Farris Group Manager, Product - Fulfillment
Functional Lead, Sales Systems Jack Brennan Director Sales Systems
Functional Lead, Product Analytics Jerome Ng Engineering Manager, Product Analytics
Member Sushma Nalamaru Senior Data Engineer
Member Kathleen Tam Staff Data Analyst
Member Amanda Rueda PM, Fulfillment
Member Jim Petr Business Systems Engineer
Member Jake Bielecki Senior Director, Sales Strategy & Analytics
Member Caitlin Ankney Customer Success Operations Analyst
Member Melia Vilain Manager, Sales Analytics
Member Dave Peterson Senior Product Analyst
Member Justin Stark Staff Data Engineer


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