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Product Development Flow

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Property Value
Date Created August 31, 2020
Target End Date October 30, 2020
Slack #wg_product_development_flow (only accessible by GitLab team members)
Google Doc Working Group Agenda (only accessible by GitLab team members)
Docs TBD
Epics/Issues Main Epic / Issue Board
Label ~wg-product-development-flow
Associated KPIs/OKRs TBD

Problems To Solve

For more details please reference the product development flow survey slides.

Doesn’t Encourage Cross-Functional Collaboration

Too Many Steps

Too Prescriptive

Business Goals

Iterate on the product development flow to shift away from a "step by step" and more toward being a container/playbook of strategies/tactics to provide teams with:

  1. Various activities/outcomes to employ at each phase to identity what to build or improve to solve a problem.

  2. Minimal, required processes teams need to follow at each phase to maintain efficient, transparent and predictable workflow cross-functionally.

Exit Criteria

TBD - to be aligned upon by working team members upon first meeting.

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Sponsor Anoop Dawar VP, Product Management
Executive Sponsor Christie Lenneville VP of UX
Facilitator Farnoosh Seifoddini Principal PM, Product Operations
Functional Lead Wayne Haber (Engineering) Director Engineering, Threat Management
Functional Lead Vincy Wilson (QE) Manager, Quality Engineering - Growth & Defend
Functional Lead Jackie Bauer (UX/Product Design) UX Manager, Enablement & Growth
Functional Lead Jeff Crow (UX Research) Senior UX Researcher, Growth
Functional Lead Michael Karampalas (Product Management) Principal PM, Growth
Functional Lead Justin Farris (Product Management) GPM, Plan
Functional Lead Craig Norris (Technical Writing) Technical Writing Manager
Member Nadia Udalova (Dev) Product Design Manager
Member Keanon O'keefe (Plan) Senior Product Manager
Member Tim Hey (Growth) Principal Product Manager
Member Eric Schurter (Create) Senior Product Manager
Member Mark Wood (Plan) Senior Product Manager
Member Sarah Waldner (Monitor) Senior Product Manager
Member Kai Armstrong (Create) Senior Product Manager
Member Fabian Zimmer (Geo) Senior Product Manager
Member Daniel Croft (Release, Package) Senior Manager, Engineering
Member Jason Yavorska (CI/CD) Director Product Management
Member Thiago Figueiró Engineering Manager, Threat Management
Member TBD (Data) TBD


Meetings are recorded and available on YouTube in the Working Group - Product Development Flow playlist. Due to the subject matter of this working group and the high probability that every synchronous meeting will discuss sensitive customer information, the playlist is private and accessible by GitLab team members only.

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