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Real-Time Working Group

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Property Value
Date Created March 12, 2020
Date Closed November 1, 2021
Slack #wg_real-time (only accessible from within the company)
Google Doc Real-Time Working Group Agenda (only accessible from within the company)
Epic & Design Doc Use ActionCable for real-time features
Feature Issue View real-time updates of assignee in issue / merge request sidebar
Associated OKRs Plan: Support incremental ACV

Business Goal

To ship one real-time feature to self-hosted customers.

Exit Criteria - Phase 1

(✅ Done, ✏️ In-progress)

One Working Real-Time Feature, Usable by Single Instance/Small Cluster, Self-Hosting Customers => 100%

Exit Criteria - Phase 2

(✅ Done, ✏️ In-progress)

One Working Real-Time Feature, Usable on larger deployments => 100%
Working, Real-Time Feature Available on .com => 100%

Design Document

Technical decisions and rationale are captured in this design document.

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Role Person Title
Executive Sponsor Christopher Lefelhocz VP of Development
Facilitator John Hope Engineering Manager, Plan
Functional Lead Heinrich Lee Yu Senior Backend Engineer, Plan
Functional Lead Gabe Weaver Senior Product Manager, Plan
Functional Lead Sean McGivern Staff Backend Engineer, Scalability
Member Scott Stern Frontend Engineer, Plan
Member Ben Kochie Site Reliability Engineer
Member Natalia Tepluhina Staff Frontend Engineer, Plan
Member Matthias Käppler Senior Engineer, Memory
Member Jake Lear Engineering manager, Plan


Meetings are recorded and publicly available on YouTube in the Real-Time Working Group playlist.

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