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GitLab EE vs. GitLab CE

All the features listed on the Products page , plus the following:


File Locking

Working with multiple people on the same file can be a risk. Conflicts when merging a non-text file are hard to overcome and will require a lot of manual work to resolve. With GitLab Enterprise Edition Premium, File Locking helps you avoid merge conflicts and better manage your binary files by preventing everyone, except you, from modifying a specific file or entire directory.

Avoid Downtime

For mission critical releases, you cannot afford downtime. With GitLab Enterprise Edition, a Support Engineer will guide you and help you identify your specific HA needs, and map out an appropriate architecture.

Advanced Support

While the best tools are intuitive, there will be a time when you'll need to troubleshoot. GitLab Enterprise Edition gives your team a single point of contact for all of your onboarding, training, upgrading, and troubleshooting needs. Purchasing Enterprise Edition means that support is there 24/7, with live upgrade assistance so you can release code faster.

Advanced audit logs

To maintain the integrity of your code, GitLab Enterprise Edition gives admins the ability to view any modifications made within the GitLab server in an advanced audit log system, so you can control, analyze and track every change.

Admin Control

GitLab Enterprise Edition gives your Admin’s the ability to automatically sync groups and manage SSH-keys, permissions, and authentication, so you can focus on building your product, not configuring your tools.

Merge Request Approval

When a project requires multiple sign-offs, GitLab Enterprise Edition enables you to make sure every merge request is approved by one or more people. Merge request approvals allow you to set the number of necessary approvals and predefine a list of approvers that will need to approve every merge request in a project, and in-turn improve your code’s quality.

LDAP group sync

GitLab Enterprise Edition gives your Admin’s the ability to automatically sync groups and manage SSH-keys, permissions, and authentication, so you can focus on building your product, not configuring your tools.

Multiple Issue Boards

Large companies often have hundreds of different projects, all with different moving parts at the same time. GitLab Enterprise Edition allows for multiple issue boards for a single project so you can to plan, organize, and visualize a workflow for a feature or product release. Multiple issue boards are particularly useful for large projects with more than one team or in situations where a repository is used to host the code of multiple products.

Multiple Issue Boards

Track app deployments with Deploy Boards

Deploy Boards offer a consolidated view of the current health and status of each CI environment running on Kubernetes, pod by pod.

Learn more about Deploy Boards

Auditor users

Auditor users are users who are given read-only access to all projects, groups, and other resources on the GitLab instance.

Auditor users

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Since GitLab fans wrote most of the text here there is a pro-GitLab bias. Nonetheless we try hard to ensure the comparisons are fair and factual. Please also add things that are great in other products but missing in GitLab. If you find something that is invalid, biased, missing, or out of date in the comparisons, please open a merge request for this website to correct it. As with all the pages on this website you can find where this page lives in the repository via the link in the footer.

GitLab is open-core

GitLab is an open-core product whereas our competitors are closed-source products. The GitLab Community Edition is fully open-source, and the Enterprise Edition is closed-source.

Access to the source code

You can see the GitLab Community Edition and Enterprise source code at any time, even on your own server.

Fully modifiable

Unlike closed-source software, you can modify GitLab's source code. Be it right on the server or by forking our repositories, you can add features and make customizations. We do recommend that you try to merge your changes back into the main source code, so that others can benefit and your instance stays easy to maintain and update.

Viable long term

GitLab has a solid community with hundreds of thousands of organizations using and often contributing to the software. This means that GitLab is much more viable for long term usage, as it's not reliable on a single company supporting it.

New stable version every month

GitLab releases a new stable version every single month, full of improvements, new features, and fixes. This allows GitLab to move fast and respond to customer requests extremely quickly.

Build with a community

GitLab is built by hundreds of people every month. Customers, users and GitLab, Inc. all contribute to every release. this leads to features that organizations actually need, such as easy, yet powerful user management.

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