GitLab compared to other tools vs. is the GitLab Enterprise Edition instance ran by GitLab Inc. It's a public instance where anyone can create projects for free. In that sense, it competes with

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Unlimited public private repositories and unlimited collaborators for free

No matter the type of project or how many people you collaborate with, you can use for free. That means free public projects, free private projects and as many people on those as you need. runs GitLab Enterprise Edition with all its features.

All the features from GitLab Enterprise Edition run on This means you can use Push Rules, Merge Request Approvals and even File Locking on

Free CI with Shared or Own Runner has shared runners that allow you to use GitLab CI completely free. Alternatively, you can set up your own Runner for faster build processing or special requirements. has faster pageloads than

Improving this is a work in progress.

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