GitLab EE Starter vs. GitLab EE Premium

GitLab compared to other tools

GitLab is the next-generation development toolset that covers 100% of your software development lifecycle.

GitLab unifies chat, issues, code review, CI, CD, and cycle analytics into a single UI. Unlike other source code management tools that only support a portion of your development lifecycle, GitLab delivers a unified experience for every step of the development lifecycle providing the most efficient approach to software delivery. So no matter what line of business you're in, GitLab gives you the edge to compete, innovate, and win.


Powerful Issue Tracker

Quickly set the status, assignee or milestone for multiple issues at the same time or easily filter them on any properties. See milestones and issues across projects.

Access to the server

You have complete control of the server/instance, so you can install additional software (intrusion detection, performance monitoring, etc.) and view log files on the server itself.

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Access to and ability to modify source code

GitLab Enterprise Edition is publicly readable, meaning you can scan or modify the code to meet your security and development needs. The code used by most other providers is proprietary, meaning you cannot edit or view the source code.

Read the GitLab Enterprise Edition license.

Improved distributed collaboration with GitLab Geo

When development teams are spread across two or more teams geographical locations, but their GitLab instance is in a single location, fetching and cloning large repositories can take a long time. Built for distributed teams, GitLab Geo allows for read-only mirrors of your GitLab instance, reducing the time it takes to clone and fetch large repos and improving your collaboration process.

Learn more about GitLab Geo.

Dedicated High Availability support

To avoid downtime, GitLab Enterprise Edition Premium offers support for High Availability (HA). A Service Engineer will help you identify your specific HA needs and map out an architecture.

Learn more about GitLab's High availability.

Quicker support response times

For mission critical releases, you cannot afford downtime. GitLab Enterprise Edition Premium provides 4-hour support response time during the hours of 8AM-8PM EST (Mon-Fri), and 24x7 emergency support, so you can get the support you need, wherever, whenever.

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Live upgrade assistance

To ensure that your team remains productive during scheduled upgrades, GitLab Enterprise Edition offers live upgrade assistance. A dedicated GitLab Service Engineer will join a live screen share to help you through the process to ensure there aren't any surprises.

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Get up and running fast with dedicated training

To get up to speed quickly with new tools, especially when members of your team are new to Git, Enterprise Edition Premium helps ease this transition by giving your team a single point of contact for all of your onboarding, training, upgrading, and troubleshooting needs.

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Protect your files with file locking

Working with multiple people on the same file can be a risk. Conflicts when merging a non-text file are hard to overcome and will require a lot of manual work to resolve. With GitLab Enterprise Edition Premium, File Locking helps you avoid merge conflicts and better manage your binary files by preventing everyone, except you, from modifying a specific file or entire directory.

Learn more about File Locking.

Admin control with Pivotal Tile

Enterprise developers want their development toolkit to be more customizable, more integrated, and more secure. With GitLab Enterprise Edition Premium, developers will be able to easily deploy GitLab as a pre-configured appliance using Ops Manager (BOSH) for Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Learn more about Pivotal Cloud Foundry Tile for GitLab.

Monitor Kubernetes deployments with Deploy Boards

GitLab Enterprise Edition Premium ships with Deploy Boards offering a consolidated view of the current health and status of each CI environment running on Kubernetes. The status of each pod of your latest deployment is displayed seamlessly within GitLab without the need to access Kubernetes.

Learn more about Deploy Boards.

Support for Canary Deployments monitoring

GitLab Enterprise Edition Premium can monitor your Canary Deployments when deploying your applications with Kubernetes.

Learn more about configuring Canary Deployments.