GitLab Issue Boards vs. Asana

GitLab compared to other tools

GitLab is the next-generation development toolset that covers 100% of your software development lifecycle.

GitLab unifies chat, issues, code review, CI, CD, and cycle analytics into a single UI. Unlike other source code management tools that only support a portion of your development lifecycle, GitLab delivers a unified experience for every step of the development lifecycle providing the most efficient approach to software delivery. So no matter what line of business you're in, GitLab gives you the edge to compete, innovate, and win.


Work with your team

With GitLab your entire team has access to the project's Issue Boards.

Multiple Issue Boards

Asana let's you create multiple tasks lists. GitLab Multiple Issue Boards, available on GitLab Enterprise Edition, also makes it possible, improving your workflow by grouping different lists in multiple boards.

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Create new issues from the board

With GitLab Issue Boards, you can create issues directly from the board and assign multiple labels allowing them to appear on multiple boards. With Asana you can create new tasks from each list but not assign them to multiple lists.

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Built-in your software development platform

There's no need to configure or integrate anything, GitLab Issue Boards are built-in GitLab. Asana is a third-party tool that optionally integrates with GitHub via Asana PowerUps. Note that you only have access to one PowerUp per Asana free account.

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Complete Project Overview

GitLab Issue Boards give you a complete overview of your project's state: issue cards can be ordered in and across multiple columns, each card indicates who is working on it, the deadline and labels. Asana is built around individula team member task lists and does not give as complete of an project overview as GitLab Issue Boards.

Construct Issue Boards around Issue labels

An Issue Board is based on its project's label structure, therefore, it applies the same descriptive labels to indicate placement on the board. GitLab issues can appear on multiple Issue and they still have meaning without the context of a particular board. Asana allows you to tag tasks but not build issue boards around them.

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Add multiple issues to the board

From an Issue Board, you can add multiple issues to lists in the board by selecting one or more existing issues.

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