Concurrent DevOps

Software is powered by people, and when people are empowered to work together toward common goals, big ideas become reality.

At GitLab, we believe everyone should be able to easily and efficiently contribute and set out to make this easy for teams of all types and sizes. When everyone can contribute, consumers become contributors, feedback cycles are shortened, work that matters gets done, and we can greatly increase the rate of human progress.

What is Concurrent DevOps?

Concurrent DevOps is a method of working that enables collaboration and communication from the start. It connects the work of software development, security, and operations teams in a single, shared space so everyone can contribute to a single conversation and a single workflow.


Real time view across the entire lifecycle

  • See everything that matters
  • Stay in your flow
  • Don’t wait on syncing
  • Manage projects, not tools
  • Improve cycle time.


Collaborate without waiting

  • Start immediately
  • Work concurrently
  • No more handoffs


Develop and operate with confidence

  • Security and compliance already built-in
  • Simplify user management
  • Expedite auditing
  • Act with certainty

Everyone can contribute

Whether you’re a developer, an engineer, a product manager, a security expert, or a UX designer, you need to collaborate with a lot of different people to get work done. However, getting everyone on board isn’t always easy. That’s why we created GitLab.

Connecting teams to accelerate innovation

We believe everyone should be able to able to easily and efficiently contribute and set out to make this easy for teams of all types and sizes by creating a single, shared space where everyone can work concurrently, get all the information needed in one place, and see changes in real time.

GitLab accelerates your software development and delivery accross every stage of the DevOps lifecycle.

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