Corporate Philanthropy

As part of our mission to create a world where everyone can contribute, we believe it is important to support organizations that can further this goal at local and global levels. GitLab supports charitable organizations and corporate philanthropy efforts in a variety of ways.

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In September 2022, the GitLab Foundation launched with a mission to improve people’s lifetime earnings through access to opportunities, and a vision of a world in which one million more people can afford a better life. The GitLab Foundation was formed by GitLab Inc. as part of its mission to create a world in which everyone can contribute. GitLab leadership believed it was important to support organizations that could further this goal on a global scale. When GitLab Inc. went public in October 2021, it dedicated 1% of its shares to further this aim. The GitLab Foundation is currently funded by GitLab Inc. and its CEO, Sid Sijbrandij. The GitLab Foundation is an independent nonprofit entity and its operations are autonomous from GitLab Inc. To learn more, visit the GitLab Foundation.

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GitLab Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

The GitLab Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Team creates and maintains GitLab Inc.’s Corporate Sustainability strategy and programs. This includes ESG disclosures and public ESG reporting, identifying and prioritizing key issues to advance GitLab’s social and environmental goals, creating partnerships with nonprofit organizations that support GitLab’s values and mission, and providing volunteer opportunities to GitLab team members. The GitLab ESG Team also manages the GitLab for Nonprofits in-kind donation program. To learn more visit our handbook page or view our FY23 ESG report.

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GitLab Diversity Inclusion and Belonging (DIB)

(DIB) is fundamental to the success of GitLab and as such, is one of our core values. We incorporate the value of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging into all that we do – it’s not just an aspect of GitLab, it is GitLab. We are firm believers in promoting a work culture where people can be their full selves and contribute to the best of their abilities. When people bring their authentic selves and feel welcome, they embrace our values to contribute and collaborate. The DIB strategy aligns with ESG and the Philanthropy Policy for guidance on GitLab’s philanthropic giving to registered nonprofit organizations. To learn more visit our handbook page or view our FY23 DIB report. For more information please contact our DIB team.

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