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We are deprecating this page. As noted in our handbook guidlines we want to organize per function and result, not per format. All video's on this page should be embedded in the relevants part of the handbook.

Adding a Course

If you have anything to share (no matter the quality level) please add it to this page by:

  1. Making sure all the content is publicly viewable. Upload video's to our YouTube channel. If there is a presentation in Google Sheets make sure anyone can view it. If there is written content either add it to the relevant part of the handbook or create a page like and assign the merge request to Abby Matthews who will happily review and merge it for you.
  2. Give the code a unique identifier in the form of AAA111, first three letters are for the department, numbers are unique and first number specifies the difficulty level of the course. As a guideline, in many university settings, there are only two levels, i.e. 1xx for "introductory" courses, and 2xx for more advanced courses.
  3. Add the course to the bottom of this page. If you made a course list on another page (like university or support) you can use just one link to link to the entire list. If the courses are not in one list please link to each individually.


Getting Access to Youtube

  1. If you don't have access to the Youtube channel you can find the details in 1password in the Team Vault.
  2. Type in Youtube, you should see a secure note with the information on how to get added to the account.

Uploading Courses to Youtube

Training Channel

Once a course has been added to this page the link will be shared in the #training channel. The channel is also the place to add links for any other trainings that team members have been on (outside of GitLab) and would like to share and recommend to others.

Language Courses

If you have any language courses you would like to recommend or links to websites please add them to this section.

Individual Contributor (IC) courses

To add

Manager (MGR) courses

To add

Compliance (COM) Courses

For some courses, there are legal requirements on the length and subject matter that must be provided to managers and individual contributors. In these cases, external training content has been purchased to meet these requirements. An example of this is:

Leadership (LDR) courses

University (UNI) courses

Sales (SLS) courses

Customer Success (CST) courses

Office Hours

Explainer Videos

Finance (FIN) courses

Build (BLD) courses

Engineering (DEV) courses

Backend (BCK) courses

Infrastructure (INF) courses