GitLab Summits

What, where, and when

We try to get together every 9 months or so to all get some face time together, build community, and get some work done! Since our team lives everywhere on the globe, we try to plan a different location for each summit.


All GitLab Team, their significant others, and the Core Team.

Previous Summits

Summit in Cancun, Mexico

In January 2017 we all got together in Cancun, Mexico. By then we had rougly 150 team members and 50 significant others fly out from 35 different countries.

Summit in Austin, TX, the USA

In May 2016, with a team existing of 85 people, met up in Austin,TX to see if they are (still) as awesome as seen on Google Hangout. Here is some footage that our team put together to show how much fun we had.

Summit in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Here are some impressions from our first Summit in October 2015.

General information

The goal of our summits is to get to know each other outside of work. To help get this kickstarted, always wear you name tag, to all events, and all days. Try to join different people every time we sit down for a meal.

Health and safety

Important basics for every summit


Make sure to get an overview about a month before the summit of: