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How we care for our customers

Customers in Context of the Greater Community

At GitLab, we consider customers as part of our greater community. It's important to consider that our focus is two-fold:

As we work to provide value for our customers, there are two specific departments that will be highly involved and focused on the customer throughout their lifecycle:

This page serves as a primer as to the basics of those groups and access to greater specific materials related to both.

Customer Success

Customer Success is comprised of early and late stage teams to help the customer fully realize the potential of GitLab in their environment. From Solutions Architects to Technical Account Managers GitLab's Customer Success team is focused on:

You can read more about specific processes and sub-groups inside of Customer Success in our Customer Success Handbook


As customers deploy and use GitLab, they may run into configuration, scaling problems, or defects. These type of problems are managed by the Support Team at GitLab. Support at GitLab is focused on the following:

You can read more about the Support function and specific processes used in the Support Handbook

These two groups will work together to help the customer realize the value of choosing and using GitLab.

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