2021 Global DevSecOps Survey

For the fourth year in a row, we asked DevOps teams to tell the truth about their practices and processes, their challenges and their careers.

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In the midst of a global pandemic and a new way of working, DevOps teams got serious about what matters most.

Our 2021 Global DevSecOps Survey found sharp increases in automation, release cadences, continuous deployments, and security postures, as well as a growing reliance on cutting edge technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. Nearly 4,300 people shared their struggles and successes, and demonstrated a commitment to DevOps maturity like we’ve never seen before.

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A full 60% of devs are releasing code 2x faster than ever before, thanks to DevOps. And in the last year, developers definitely went big: Rather than focusing on incremental improvements, devs brought “high impact technologies” into their process including source code management, CI/CD, a DevOps platform, and automated testing.

What’s still challenging? Testing (not enough, too late in the process, insufficient automation) and code reviews (too little, too late, take too long). And developers have a long list of process improvements – from AI/ML to performance optimizations – they’d like to have time to tackle.

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In a dramatic sign of progress, 72% of security pros rated their organizations’ security efforts as either “good” or “strong.” DevOps teams are certainly running more security scans than ever before: over half run SAST scans, 44% run DAST, and around 50% scan containers and dependencies. And 70% of security team members say security has shifted left.

But, old habits die hard when it comes to friction with developers. Although the percentage of security pros frustrated with developer behaviors around bugs has decreased substantially, true harmony remains a way off – over three-quarters of the security team continue to think devs find too few bugs too late in the process.

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On the ops side, automation is happening: 56% reported their teams are either fully or “mostly” automated. And changes are happening too – devs are taking on more traditional ops tasks, like provisioning, while the operations team is either managing cloud services or focused on infrastructure or hardware.

And the future is shifting too: A slim majority of ops pros think advanced programming will be the most important skill for their future careers, an interesting direction for this role. Take a deep dive into our 2021 DevSecOps survey results and see how you compare.

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