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JFrog Artifactory

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JFrog Artifactory is a tool designed to store the binary output of the build process for use in distribution and deployment. Artifactory provides support for a number of package formats such as Maven, Debian, NPM, Helm, Ruby, Python, and Docker. JFrog offers high availability, replication, disaster recovery, scalability, and works with many on-prem and cloud storage offerings.

GitLab also offers high availability and replication, and scalability, also available using on-prem or cloud storage, but at the moment offers less package type compatibility than Artifactory does (Maven, Docker, NPM). However, GitLab also offers functionality to automate the entire DevOps life cycle from planning, to creation, build, verify, security testing, deploying, and monitoring. The built-in binary package repositories that GitLab offers are just the tip of the ice-berg.