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Azure DevOps License Overview

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Pipeline Costs

Artifacts Costs

Repos Costs

Boards Costs

Test Plan Costs

Azure DevOps Add-Ons

Separate from Azure DevOps but available for extra cost

Azure DevOps

Visual Studio

Visual Studio ‘Professional Version’ is the most comparable to GitLab since Visual Studio ‘Enterprise Version’ includes extras outside the scope of DevOps (such as MS Office, etc).

Visual Studio Professional can be purchased under a ‘standard’ or ‘cloud’ model.

Under their ‘modern purchasing model’, the monthly cost for Visual Studio Professional (which includes TFS and CAL license) is $45 / mo ($540 / yr).  However, extensions to TFS such as Test Manager ($52/mo), Package Management ($15/mo), and Private Pipelines ($15/mo) require an additional purchase.

Team Foundation Server

TFS Pricing

A TFS license can be purchased as standalone product, but a TFS license (and CAL license) is also included when you buy a Visual Studio license / subscription.

MS pushes Visual Studio subscriptions and refers customers who are only interested in a standalone TFS with a ‘classic purchasing’ model to license from a reseller.

Excluding CapEx and Windows operating system license, a standalone TFS license through a reseller in classic purchasing model is approximately $225 per year per instance. The approximate Client Access License is approximately $320 per year.

General Notes

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