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Chatter on Azure DevOps

Regarding the rename and repackaging of VSTS to Azure DevOps:

Lots of emphasis on cross platform (windows, Mac, Linux), and free macOS CI/CD is pretty rare.

All paid plans include unlimited stakeholder users who can view and contribute to work items and boards, and view dashboards, charts, and pipelines

From * Azure DevOps represents the evolution of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). VSTS users will be upgraded into Azure DevOps projects automatically. For existing users, there is no loss of functionally, simply more choice and control. The end to end traceability and integration that has been the hallmark of VSTS is all there. Azure DevOps services work great together.

HackerNews comments saying it's just a rebrand - PM for AzureDevOps responding: * PM for Azure DevOps here (formerly VSTS). It is a rebranding, but it's more than merely a rebranding. We're breaking out the individual services so that they're easier to adopt. For example, if you're just interested in pipelines, you can adopt only pipelines.

From a call with a prospect Bank:

What does the migration path look like from Azure DevOps to GitLab for SCM and CI/CD??

A developers experience and opinions using Microsoft Devops CI

Hacker News: Microsoft’s Azure DevOps: An Unsatisfying Adventure

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