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Decision Kit

Decision Kit

Questions You Should Ask and Answers to Concerns You May have

Questions To Ask When Considering Bitbucket

How many DevOps tools do you manage today? Roughly how much do you pay for each tool?
Would a single DevOps application improve your teams Productivity Ratio?
How important is it to secure your software assets early in the software development and delivery process?
Do you require enterprise deployment/release orchestration capabilities? For Example Canary Deployment, Feature Flags and/or Kubernetes integration?
Does your security team have visibility into security issues? Do they have a easy way to collaborate on those security issues?
How important is innovation velocity within your chosen DevOps solution?

Answers To Your Migration Concerns

Concern Response
We are heavy Jira users today GitLab easily integrates with Jira
We are really concerned about Data migration GitLab has a migration Services team
Bitbucket’s price point is lower GitLab Bronze ($4) provides a deeper feature set than Bitbucket Standard ($3)
We are concerned about the GitLab learning curve GitLab is intuitive, give it a test run with our Evaluation version
We use many tools GitLab has many of the features you need but we integrate as well