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CircleCI Product Gaps

The following table lists CircleCI product gaps and its associated impact. This information is derived from user feedback in the CircleCI Community Group

Source: CircleCI Community Forum

CircleCI Issue Impact Details Reference
Open Source Project authentication Requirements Poor User Experience Viewing a workflow for an open source project requires authentication. A person would need to create an account, or link an account, to view the result of a build. CircleCI Community Discussion
Timestamp on build logs Limited Insight It’s unclear how long each command in a build took to execute. A timestamp timestamp added to each line in a build log would provide the necessary insight into how long it takes to execute each command. CircleCI Community Discussion
File type support Poor User Experience In addition to config.yml, config.yaml should also be supported CircleCI Community Discussion
Unable to remove team members Increased security risk Removing a team member from the repository does not remove the user from the CircleCI project. Users will still be listed on the CircleCI team page as a teammate. CircleCI Community Discussion
New UI Updates      
Workflow testing insights Limited Insight It would be helpful to see the total number of tests passed. CircleCI Community Discussion
Pipeline filtering Poor User Experience The new UI updates limit the filtering options available for the Pipelines page. More filtering options will improve the user experience on the Pipeline page. For example, the ability to filter by status or the ability to filter workflow CircleCI Community Discussion
CircleCI Community Discussion
Single Pipeline View Poor User Experience The new UI does not provide the ability to view a Pipeline on a single webpage. CircleCI Community Discussion
Poorly Re-designed (General Feedback) Poor User Experience The new UI has been receiving poor reviews CircleCI Community Discussion
Missing old chat notifications Poor User Experience The new UI now requires the use of Orbs for functionality such as chat. This cause an issue with access old chat messages in new UI CircleCI Community Discussion
Increased page load times Poor User Experience Within the new UI, certain errors will result in increased page loading times. CircleCI Community Discussion
Canceling a running build Poor User Experience Within the new UI, the option to cancel a running build is not moved under “Rerun” which makes it more difficult to find CircleCI Community Discussion