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CodeShip vs. GitLab

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CodeShip is a continuous integration solution that lets you get your builds setup and working in just a few minutes with a simple UI and a turnkey environment. From there, you can grow your projects over time to use more sophisticated workflows and setups.

On February 6, 2018 CodeShip was acquired by Cloudbees.

Response to the CodeShip Comparison Blog Post

CodeShip from Cloudbees created a web page that compared CodeShip Pro to GitLab CI. Our goal is to ensure that the comparison information is as accurate as possible. Below is a list of the items from the CodeShip comparison that were incorrect and GitLab's true capabilities in these areas.

  • Complete control over your build environment - This 100% applies to GitLab. GitLab also has a built-in container registry.
  • Dedicated & Flexible Build Machines - GitLab’s runner architecture lets you run on whatever machines you want. In fact Gitlab can auto-scale.
  • Parallel Testing - This is a core capability of GitLab. For more on this, see our Ticketmaster Case Study.
  • Debugging via SSH Access - GitLab has this capability
  • Pre-configured Deployments - GitLab has this capability with our Auto DevOps feature. Auto DevOps simplifies and accelerates delivery with a complete delivery pipeline out of the box. Simply commit code and GitLab does the rest.



  • CodeShip Pricing
    • All Codeship users get unlimited users, teams and projects
    • You can use up to 100 builds per month for free, with unlimited projects and unlimited team members.
    • You can pay for more concurrent builds and more parallel pipelines, or larger instance sizes



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We strive for technical accuracy and will review and update this post for inaccuracies as quickly as possible.

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