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GitLab vs GitHub for Version Control and Collaboration

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GitLab Issue Management Capabilities Missing in GitHub

GitLab Capability Features
Plan, measure and
track complete development lifecycle
from plan to deployment
Issue Weights, Milestones, Issue Due Dates, Time Tracking, Burndown Charts, Project Issue Board
Reference and
maintain issues across multiple projects
, automate issue management
Move Issues to other projects, Related Issues, Mark issues as duplicate, Configurable Issue Closing Pattern, Quick Actions, Todos

GitLab Source Code Management Capabilities Missing in GitHub

GitLab Capability Features
Easily create, import and export projects Import feature set (GitHub, Bitbucket, Google Code, FogBugz, Gitea and from any git URL)
Create projects with Git Push
Create new branches from issues
Export projects to external systems
Instance File Templates (.gitignore, .dockerfile, .license etc.)
Code Review capability tailored for large development teams Multiple approvers in code review,
Approval rules for code review,
Inline commenting and discussion resolution
Model and manage large, complex projects and teams Subgroups within Groups to manage large projects, Group File Templates (templates at the group level to drive standardization), Group drop-down in navigation to easily find groups,
Increased development velocity Web IDE to resolve feedback, fix failing tests, review changes, Web Terminal for Web IDE
Broader support for repo types Mono Repos, Conan (C++), Go, Composter (PHP), PyPI (Python), RPM (Linux), Debian (Linux)
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