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Why GitLab Over GitHub for the Business Decision Maker

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GitHub Strenghts

User Base

Open Source Support

GitHub Limitation and Challenges

End to End DevOps


High Availability

Zero Downtime Upgrades

Product Enhancement

Azure DevOps vs. GitHub confusion

GitHub's Selling Strategy

Product Updates

Tactics GitHub uses to Differentiate Themselves

This is How GitHub Responds to GitLab  
Leverage Their Community Projects shared by community
GitHub Apps
GHA Marketplace
Working to neutralize our advantage Ongoing GHA Improvements
GHA API with community is creating workarounds in areas they are deficient
Security offering leverages their community
Modernize DevOps Mobile App for GitHub
Sell-with Azure and Other MS Assets GitHub leverages Microsoft by making it easier to buy GitHub in conjunction with other Microsoft products such as Azure Cloud.

5 Key GitLab Differentiators

1. Broader Breath of Offering

GitLab GitHub Comparison Chart

2. Better Capabilities

GitLab Capabilities That Are Missing In GitHub  
Issue Management Track complete development lifecycle from plan to deployment, Maintain Issues across multiple projects.
Source Code Management Code review tailored for large teams, Model and manage large, complex development teams, Broader support for Repo types
CI-CD AutoDevOps, Built-in CI-CD without need for plug ins, better support for Cloud Native Development, Faster Build and Deploy Times. GitHub CI-CD increases build times, and increases maintenance costs.
DevSecOps Single pane of glass for all security vulnerabilities, DAST, Deployment and container scanning
Secure DevOps Process Maintain confidentiality of issues and activity, fine grained controls on submit, code, build and deploy, securely access remote assets
Compliance Out of the box reporting support for Financial Services Regulatory Complaince, PCI, HIPPA and other regulations.

3. Better Customer Support

4. Superior Value

5. Scaling, HA and Zero-Downtime Upgrade Capabilities

GitLab vs GitHub Innovation Pace

GitLab GitHub Innovation Chart

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