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GitLab vs. Other DevOps Tools Infographic Scoring Methodology

GitLab vs. "Other DevOps Tools" Infographic Scoring Methodology

The purpose of the GitLab vs. “Other DevOps Tools” infographic is to provide our website visitors with an easily consumable visual representation of how GitLab compares to “Other DevOps Tools”. The infographics were prepared as part of an internal industry analysis by Product Managers (PMs) and Product Marketing Managers (PMMs) employed by GitLab and who GitLab views as subject experts in each stage of the DevOps Lifecycle.

PMs and PMMs were tasked with creating an objective grading scale to determine which features are required in each Stage of the DevOps Lifecycle based on their understanding of the industry and, using their best judgment, score both the “Other DevOps Tools” and GitLab on whether they offer such feature using publicly available data and resources. A score of 1 was given in instances where a feature was completely available, 0.5 when a feature was partially available, and 0 when a feature was not available.

Each Stage of the DevOps Lifecycle is researched by potentially a different PM and PMM team, which may lead to inconsistencies across the respective stages. This analysis reflects only the opinions of GitLab and not any of the Companies of the “Other DevOps tools”, including GitHub. As such, there is no guarantee that this analysis reflects the most accurate and recent composition of required and offered features for each stage of the DevOps lifecycle.

Each Company's DevOps solution is categorized as either a Platform Solution or Point Tool Solution:

Therefore, the score GitLab or the “Other DevOps Tools” receives is:

Score Mapping

Score of 0 - no support

Score of .5 - partial support

Score of 1 - full support

Features by Stage

Manage (maximum score of 15)

Plan (maximum score of 16)

Create (maximum score of 15)

Verify (maximum score of 17)

Package (maximum score of 13)

Secure (maximum score of 15)

Release (maximum score of 14)

Configure (maximum score of 7)

Monitor (maximum score of 12)

Protect (maximum score of 4)

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