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Decision Kit

Decision Kit

Jenkins Licensing

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Jenkins Pricing

  • Jenkins OSS
    • Free (and Open Source)
    • But Total Cost of Ownership is not zero, given maintenance requirements
  • CloudBees Jenkins (vague) -
    • CloudBees Core - Jenkins distribution with upgrade assistance on monthly incremental upgrades, cloud native architecture, centralized management, 24/7 support and training, enterprise-grade security and multi-tenancy, and plugin compatibility testing
      • starting at $20k/year for 10 users, with tiered pricing for lower per-user cost for larger organizations
  • Jenkins X

Is Jenkin Really Free?

Here are some additional cost that should be considered for Jenkins users: * Script development and maintenance, Jenkins will require an expert for this. * Infrastructure Costs * Additional licensing cost for Security, this is included with GitLab * Cost of reporting