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HackerNews Thread - Jenkins is Getting Old

Jenkinstein - From the article DevOps World 2018: ‘Jenkinstein’ and a Cloud Native Jenkins

From note on 2018-08-31 from CloudBees CTO and Jenkins creator Kohsuke Kawaguchi:

From Jenkins Evergreen project page (identified in Kohsuke letter above as key for changes that need to come)

From "Problem" definition page of Jenkins Evergreen project page:

For novice-to-intermediate users, the time necessary to prepare a Jenkins environment "from scratch" into something productive for common CI/CD workloads, can span from hours to days, depending on their understanding of Jenkins and it’s related technologies. The preparation of the environment can also be very error prone and require significant on-going maintenance overhead in order to continue to stay up-to-date, secure, and productive.

Additionally, many Jenkins users suffer from a paradox of choice [6] when it comes to deciding which plugins should be combined, in which ways, and how they should be configured, in order to construct a suitable CI/CD environment for their projects. While this is related to the problem which JEP-2 [7] attempted to address in the "Setup Wizard" introduced in Jenkins 2.0, Jenkins Evergreen aims to address the broader problem of providing users with a low-overhead, easily maintained, and solid distribution of common features (provided by a set of existing plugins) which will help the user focus on building, testing, and delivering their projects rather than maintaining Jenkins.

Project analysis on Jenkins, pointed to by CloudBees documentation as proof for need of change


  • We can run build nodes on any architecture and OS we choose to set up.


  • Security is low on PR builds unless we spend further effort to sandbox builds properly. Moreover, even with sandboxing, Jenkins security record is troublesome.
  • Jenkins is well known to be time consuming to set up.
  • Additional time spent setting up servers.
  • Additional time spent maintaining servers.
  • It is unclear how easy it is to make the set up reproducible.
  • The set up is not forkable (a forker would need to set up their own servers).
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