Azure Container Registry vs GitLab

GitLab compared to other DevOps tools

Azure Container Registry (ACR) provides storage of private Docker container images, enabling fast, scalable retrieval, and network-close deployment of container workloads on Azure. Additional capabilities include geo-replication, image signing with Docker Content Trust, and Helm Chart Repositories. Azure Container Registry has tiered per day and use costs.

In contrast, GitLab provides a container registry which is built-in part of the product (ie. no extra costs beyond standard tiered licensing costs for the single GitLab application which provides capabilities for the entire DevOps lifecycle).


Docker image support

Supports storage and retreival of Docker style containers.

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Container registry webhooks

Trigger actions after a successful push to a registry to integrate Docker Hub with other services.

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Container registry high availability

Highly available through the use of multiple replicas of all containers and metadata such that if a machine fails, the regitry continues to operate and can be repaired.

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Container registry geographic replication

Supports distributed teams by running multiple registry instances across several regions and syncing between data centers.

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Supports private container registries

Offers the ability to have private container registries and repositories

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SaaS container registry offering

The container registry ia available as a software service.

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Self-managed container registry offering

Container registry which is available to be self-installed and self-managed in an organizations data center, co-hosted, or in a chosen cloud provider.

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Use container registry through REST API

Enables support for automation and integration of container registry through a REST API.

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Helm chart repository support

Supports storage and retreival of Helm charts.

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