GitPrime vs GitLab

GitLab compared to other DevOps tools

GitPrime uses data from Git based code repositories to help engineering leaders move faster, optimize work patterns, and advocate for engineering with concrete data.


Issue Analytics

See issue analytics at the group level.

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Cycle Analytics

GitLab provides a dashboard that lets teams measure the time it takes to go from planning to monitoring. GitLab can provide this data because it has all the tools built-in: from the idea, to the CI, to code review, to deploy to production.

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Contribution Analytics

View contributions per member of a group

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Code review dashboards

Dashboards with a filterable set of code reviews (could be by project, by user, by branch, by status, or a combination of those). Dashboards includes code review status and links to get to them. This makes it easy to see what is going on with code reviews for a desired subset.

Code review with GitLab