SysDig vs GitLab

GitLab compared to other DevOps tools

SysDig provides solutions that help secure containerized workloads through their integration with the open source Falco project. They are capable of scanning containers for vulnerabilities and securing code in runtime through their intrusion detection and prevention capabilities.


Cloud Native Network Firewall

Cloud native network firewall provides container-level network micro segmentation which isolates container network communications to limit the “blast radius” of compromise to a specific container or microservice. A container-aware virtual firewall identifies valid traffic flows between app components in your cluster and limits damage by preventing attackers from moving through your environment when they have already compromised one part of it.

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Container Host Monitoring and Blocking

"With Container Host Monitoring, you can monitor running containers for malicious or unusual activity. This includes process starts, file changes, or opened network ports. You can also block or prevent these activities from occurring."

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Policy Management for Container Network Policies

"Policy Management for Container Network Policies provides an easy way to view and manage Network Policies in the GitLab UI."

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