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Category Direction - Runbooks


Runbooks are a collection of documented procedures that explain how to carry out a particular process, be it starting, stopping, debugging, or troubleshooting a particular system.

Historically, runbooks took the form of a decision tree or a detailed step-by-step guide depending on the condition or system.

Modern implementations have introduced the concept of an “executable runbooks”, where, along with a well-defined process, operators can execute pre-written code blocks or database queries against a given environment.

We aim to extend Incident Management further by rendering runbooks inside GitLab as interactive documents for operators; link from incident management screens so when an incident happens, we point you to the relevant runbook. Additionally, we want to allow runbooks to trigger ChatOps functions defined in gitlab-ci.yml.

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What's next & why

Display prometheus graphs inside jupyter runbooks

Monitoring the performance of systems as they are being worked on is an important indicator of success/failure.

Competitive landscape

While there are some offerings in the marketplace, they rely on heavy customization for every use case and are somewhat specialized (ie networking).


VictorOps is an unified incident management platform that offers real-time alerting, collaboration, and documentation solutions for DevOps teams.


NetBrain technologies provides map-driven network automation solution.

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Group-level filtering for JupyterHub deployment

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Runbook Automation