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Content Editor Direction

Content Editor

Thanks for visiting the direction page for the Content Editor, a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor for markdown content maintained by the Editor group. While not a singular feature or official category in itself, the Content Editor is a critical component and cornerstone of the Editor group's strategy. More information about the Editor group's priorities and direction can be found on the Editor group direction page and additional questions can be directed to Eric Schurter (E-Mail).

What is the Content Editor?

The Content Editor is a WYSIWYG editor for Markdown content.

Who is it for?


For many, writing in Markdown is a barrier to collaboration. Remembering the syntax for image references or working with long tables can be tedious even for those who are relatively experienced with the syntax. Still, Markdown as a common denominator for content enables efficient collaboration in a version controlled environment. The Content Editor aims to break down these barriers by providing a rich editing experience and an extensible foundation on which we can build custom editing interfaces for things like diagrams, content embeds, media management, and more.

There are many contributors to GitLab for whom writing Markdown is like writing a second (or third, or fourth) language. When you can see the Matrix, everything starts to make sense. We don't want to take that super power away from anyone. That's why writing in the Content Editor will support standard Markdown shortcuts. Typing ## followed by your content will create a rendered Header 2 and let you continue working without removing your fingers from the keyboard.

Where can I use it?

We are starting by implementing the Content Editor in the GitLab Wiki. Eventually, after we achieve full compatibility with the custom GitLab Flavored Markdown extensions, we will work to integrate it with issue and epic descriptions. Our goal is to make the Content Editor available wherever Markdown is written in Gitlab?

Just Markdown?

We have to start somewhere. The beauty of the Content Editor architecture is that it can be extended to support other flavors of Markdown and even entirely separate formats.

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