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Category Direction - Wiki


Stage Create
Maturity Viable
Content Last Reviewed 2021-11-24

Introduction and how you can help

Thanks for visiting the Wiki category direction page in GitLab. This page belongs to the Editor group of the Create stage and is maintained by Eric Schurter (E-Mail). More information about the Editor group's priorities and direction can be found on the Editor group direction page.

This strategy is a work in progress, and everyone can contribute to it:


GitLab Wikis are a great way to share documentation and organize information via built-in functionality. Each GitLab project includes a Wiki rendered by Gollum, and backed by a Git repository.

Walkthrough of GitLab wikis (starts at 9 minutes):

Where we are Headed

We are beginning to explore a Confluence integration and testing Confluence Cloud with our own projects. Work on this can be seen in this epic.

As we look to future plans beyond 2021, we will be exploring ways to encourage collaboration by improving the editing experience.

Target Audience and Experience

What's Next & Why

We are currently working on:

Afterward we'll be focused on:

What is Not Planned Right Now

We know that our new WYSIWYG Markdown editor can support real-time collaborative editing, but we may need an entirely new backend to support collaborative editing of Wiki pages. Ideally, we want to solve the problem of collaborative note taking, be highly approachable for everyone, but also offer the tremendous benefits of storing the content in a portable plain text format that can be cloned, viewed and edited locally (properties of Git). However, we are not actively working on a new architecture that can support this experience.

Maturity Plan

This category is currently at the Viable maturity level, and our next maturity target is 2022 (see our definitions of maturity levels).

Competitive Landscape

We currently most closely compete with GitHub Wikis but we would like to compete with:

Top Customer Success/Sales issue(s)

- Improve AsciiDoc, RDoc and reStructuredText support in Wikis

Top user issue(s)

Top dogfooding issues

GitLab does not have any organization-wide wikis, but some teams do use them for various purposes.

Top Strategy Item(s)

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