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Category Vision - Gitter


Gitter is an open source instant messaging application for developers, and is the place to connect the open source and software development community.

Gitter is a popular tool for building open source communities and is well integrated with GitHub. Since GitLab acquired Gitter has open sourced it's web app, iOS app and Android app. We want to Gitter to be the best place for building open source communities, particularly when the project is hosted on GitLab, and make it available by default to projects. There are also exciting possibilities to use Gitter to streamline the transition from async communication in issues and merge requests to synchronous forms of communication like real-time chat.

Please reach out to PM James Ramsay (E-Mail Twitter) if you'd like to provide feedback or ask questions about what's coming.

Target Audience and Experience

What's Next & Why

In progress: Threaded conversations are the number one request from existing users and are needed in busy rooms so that multiple conversations can happen simultaneously. This feature is critical for retaining existing customers.

Next up: GitLab communities and rooms are needed to grow the user base of Gitter by making it work well with GitLab, which includes making it easy for every project to have a Gitter community.

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GitLab does not use Gitter.

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