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Status Description
planned Work is planned or in progress to enable use of the Category at GitLab the company
limited Category is being used in a limited capacity at GitLab the company
exclusive Category is being used exclusively at GitLab the company

Target is the right group/team/role/individual inside GitLab that should use the capability.

Category Dogfooding Status

Stage Group Category Status Target Issue
Manage Access Authentication and Authorization Active   N/A
Manage Workspace Subgroups Active   N/A
Manage Workspace Users Active   N/A
Manage Compliance Audit Events Active   N/A
Manage Compliance Audit Reports Active   N/A
Manage Compliance Compliance Management Active   N/A
Manage Import Importers Active
Manage Import Internationalization Active   N/A
Manage Optimize DevOps Reports Active   N/A
Manage Optimize Code Analytics    
Manage Optimize Value Stream Management Active   N/A
Plan Project Management Issue Tracking    
Plan Project Management Boards    
Plan Project Management Time Tracking    
Plan Project Management Projects    
Plan Project Management Planning Analytics    
Plan Product Planning Epics    
Plan Product Planning Roadmaps    
Plan Product Planning Design Management    
Plan Certify Requirements Management    
Plan Certify Quality Management    
Plan Certify Service Desk    
Create Source Code Source Code Management Active   N/A
Create Code Review Code Review Active   N/A
Create Code Review Editor Extension    
Create Editor Web IDE Active   N/A
Create Editor Snippets Active   N/A
Create Editor Live Preview Active   N/A
Create Editor Wiki Active   N/A
Create Editor Static Site Editor Active   N/A
Create Editor GitLab Documentation Site Active   N/A
Create Editor Navigation & Settings    
Create Gitaly Gitaly Active   N/A
Ecosystem Integrations Integrations    
Ecosystem Foundations Foundations    
Ecosystem Contributor Experience GDK    
Verify Pipeline Execution Continuous Integration (CI) Exclusive Development N/A
Verify Pipeline Execution Merge Trains limited Quality
Verify Pipeline Execution Continuous Integration Scaling (CI Scaling) Exclusive Infrastructure N/A
Verify Pipeline Execution Pipeline Abuse Prevention Exclusive Development, Trust and Safety, Infrastructure N/A
Verify Pipeline Authoring Pipeline Authoring Exclusive All N/A
Verify Pipeline Authoring Jenkins Importer Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable
Verify Runner GitLab Runner Exclusive All N/A
Verify Testing Code Testing and Coverage Exclusive Quality N/A
Verify Testing Performance Testing limited Quality TBD
Verify Testing Usability Testing Planned Quality
Verify Testing Accessibility Testing Planned Quality
Verify Testing Build Artifacts Exclusive Development N/A
Verify Testing Review Apps Exclusive Development, All N/A
Package Package Container Registry Exclusive Development, Distribution N/A
Package Package Package Registry Planned Development, Distribution
Package Package Helm Chart Registry Planned Distribution
Package Package Dependency Proxy Limited Development, Quality, Distribution
Package Package Dependency Firewall Not Applicable (Planned) Not Applicable (Planned) Not Applicable (Planned)
Package Package Git LFS Exclusive All N/A
Secure Static Analysis SAST    
Secure Static Analysis Secret Detection    
Secure Static Analysis Code Quality    
Secure Dynamic Analysis DAST    
Secure Dynamic Analysis IAST    
Secure Dynamic Analysis Attack Emulation    
Secure Dynamic Analysis Fuzz Testing    
Secure Composition Analysis Dependency Scanning    
Secure Composition Analysis License Compliance    
Secure Threat Insights Vulnerability Management    
Secure Vulnerability Research Vulnerability Database    
Secure Vulnerability Research Security Benchmarking    
Release Release Continuous Delivery limited Development, All TBD
Release Release Advanced Deployments limited Delivery TBD
Release Release Feature Flags limited Development TBD
Release Release Release Orchestration limited Delivery TBD
Release Release Release Evidence Exclusive Delivery N/A
Release Release Pages limited All TBD
Configure Configure Auto DevOps limited Security, Marketing[]=group%3A%3Aconfigure&label_name[]=Category%3AAuto%20DevOps&label_name[]=Dogfooding
Configure Configure Infrastructure as Code Exclusive Infrastructure, Development, Security, Marketing, Training
Configure Configure Kubernetes Management limited Infrastructure[]=group%3A%3Aconfigure&label_name[]=Dogfooding&label_name[]=Category%3AKubernetes%20Management
Configure Configure Cluster Cost Management Not Planned Infrastructure[]=group%3A%3Aconfigure&label_name[]=Dogfooding&label_name[]=Category%3ACluster%20Cost%20Optimization
Configure Configure Serverless limited Quality[]=group%3A%3Aconfigure&label_name[]=Dogfooding&label_name[]=Category%3AServerless
Configure Configure ChatOps limited Infrastructure, Development[]=group%3A%3Aconfigure&label_name[]=Dogfooding&label_name[]=Category%3AChatOps
Configure Configure Runbooks Not Planned Infrastructure N/A
Configure Configure Secrets Management Not Planned Infrastructure[]=group%3A%3Aconfigure&label_name[]=Dogfooding&label_name[]=Category%3ASecrets%20Management
Monitor Monitor Error Tracking limited Infrastructure TBD
Monitor Monitor Incident Management limited Infrastructure
Monitor Monitor On-call Schedule Management limited Infrastructure
Monitor Monitor Metrics limited Infrastructure TBD
Monitor Monitor Tracing Not Planned Infrastructure N/A
Monitor Monitor Logging Not Planned Infrastructure N/A
Monitor Monitor Synthetic Monitoring Not Applicable(Planned) Infrastructure
Monitor Monitor GitLab Self-Monitoring limited Support TBD
Protect Container Security Security Orchestration    
Protect Container Security Container Network Security    
Protect Container Security Container Host Security    
Protect Container Security Container Scanning    
Fulfillment Purchase Purchase    
Fulfillment License License    
Fulfillment Utilization Utilization    
Growth Activation Activation Experiment    
Growth Activation Onboarding    
Growth Conversion Conversion Experiment    
Growth Expansion Expansion Experiment    
Growth Adoption Adoption Experiment    
Growth Product Intelligence Product Analytics    
Growth Product Intelligence Usage Ping    
Growth Product Intelligence Service Ping    
Growth Product Intelligence Privacy Control Center    
Enablement Distribution Omnibus Package limited Infrastructure
Enablement Distribution Cloud Native Installation limited Infrastructure
Enablement Geo Geo-replication planned All
Enablement Geo Disaster Recovery planned All
Enablement Geo Backup/Restore of GitLab instances not planned  
Enablement Memory Memory Exclusive Engineering N/A
Enablement Global Search Global Search    
Enablement Database Database Exclusive Engineering N/A
Enablement Sharding Sharding Exclusive Engineering N/A
Enablement Infrastructure Infrastructure    
ModelOps Applied Machine Learning Workflow Automation    
ModelOps Applied Machine Learning Insider Threat    
ModelOps Applied Machine Learning Intelligent Code Security    
ModelOps MLOps MLOps    
ModelOps DataOps DataOps    
Mobile DevOps for Mobile Apps Mobile App Signing & Deployment Management    
Deploy Five Minute Production App 5 Minute Production App    
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