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Category Direction - SDKs & Integration APIs

Stage Enablement
Maturity Viable

This vision is a work in progress, and everyone can contribute:


GitLab's SDKs & Integration APIs category provides all the tools and resources for developers to build upon GitLab as a platform. While our Integrations category support specific, key integrations, the API & SDK category was created in support of all other integration needs.

Currently, a simple and powerful API is available for developers to use to integrate with GitLab. Learn more about our API in our developer documentation.

Additionally, community created-and-maintained API Clients and CLI Clients are available.


As the GitLab community grows, and they increasingly rely on GitLab as a central part of their toolchain, it is critical that we provide support for integrating our product with a wider variety of systems. These integrations could be with project management systems, ERPs, custom dashboards and reporting systems, or any other type of custom-built tool.

Additionally, providing these tools and resources is vital to partners and other 3rd party systems that want to integrate their products with GitLab.

To serve these needs, GitLab needs to provide a best-in-class developer experience by having:

By providing powerful and flexible tools, we allow developers to consume GitLab as a platform–giving them the freedom to create anything they can imagine. Penflip is a great example of a novel product that was built upon GitLab that uses the core GitLab functionality to produce a whole new experience. These developers took GitLab and reimagined it for a wholly different purpose and a totally different type of user.

Making room for this sort of innovation and creativity will let us grow our community and impact in novel ways, and the more we expand the resources we provide, the more of this impact we will see.


Today, we consider our API and SDK to be Viable. Below is how we think about how we'll grow that maturity level over time:

Learn more about how GitLab thinks about Maturity here.

What's next and why

Today, developers are leveraging our APIs to integrate GitLab for their needs, but it's important that we better enable them to do more, and add telemetry that helps us understand how they're using those APIs so we can better focus our future development. To this end, our current priorities are:


At GitLab, one of our values is that everyone can contribute. If you're looking to contribute your own integration, or otherwise get involved with features in the Ecosystem area, you can find open issues here.

You can read more about our general contribution guidelines here.

Feedback & Requests

If there's an integration that you'd like to see GitLab offer, or if you have feedback about an existing integration: please submit an issue with the label ~Category:Integrations, or contact Patrick Deuley, Sr. Product Manager, Ecosystem.