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Category Vision - Licensing

💌 Licensing

The Licensing category covers GitLab's License application, and aims to fulfill users licensing needs, as well as enabling GitLab Billing and Sales administrators to distribute GitLab license keys.

Please reach out to Luca Williams, Product Manager for Fulfillment (E-Mail/ Twitter) if you'd like to provide feedback or ask questions about what's coming.

🔭 Vision

Handling license keys should require minimal if not zero effort for both users and GitLab team-members. Our goal is to significantly reduce or remove any possibility of an interruption in service for our users due to license key issues, and we want to reduce or remove the need for manual technical intervention of GitLab team-members.

In addition, licensing should be user-friendly and we should avoid using language that assumes that users are abusing license keys in the event their license key has expired, has been applied to the wrong instance, or does not match the instance's purchased seat count. We should assume positive intent with our users and provide empathic, straightforward help and assistance to ensuring their license key is correct and up to date.

Design and user experience is an overall priority for Fulfillment. Please visit this meta epic to see ongoing design and UX improvements to the Fulfillment group's categories.

🎭 Target audience

Sidney (Systems Administrator) - Persona Description

If Sidney's instances are not able to connect to external servers:

Skye (GitLab Billing/Sales Administrator) - [Persona Description TBD]

Kennedy (Sales Representative) - [Persona Description TBD]

For more information on how we use personas and roles at GitLab, please click here.

🚀 What's next & why

Current focus

Priority Focus Why?
1️⃣ Allow users to download their license key from the transactions portal This issue is important as a small but significant step towards unifying our Self-Managed customers billing and licensing experience. Currently the only way for folks to access their license key is to have a GitLab Team Member email it to them - this issue removes a considerable amount of friction around that process and allows users to have more control over their own license key management.

Next up

Priority Focus Why?
2️⃣ Maximum Users should always reflect current counts True-ups are a huge friction point for many companies and GitLab is not unique in this regard. This issue aims to provide more clarity to both users and GitLab Team Members who are helping customers as to what the true maximum user count is on any customer instance which will aid a more seamless and accurate billing experience for both sides.

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