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Group Direction - Provision

Introduction and how you can help

Thanks for visiting the direction page for the Provision group within the Fulfillment Section in GitLab. This page is being actively maintained by Amanda Rueda. This vision and direction is a work in progress and sharing your feedback directly on issues and epics on is the best way to contribute.


The Provision group within the Fulfillment Section takes care of all of the post-purchase/trial activities which occur behind the scenes at GitLab. This includes provisioning purchased services via LicenseDot, and delivering information about purchases and trials to critical business systems like Salesforce, Zuora and Marketo. The Provision group is also responsible for the overall Fulfillment system architecture and data integrity.


The Fulfillment sub-department handbook page has a provision section

Challenges to address

We have technical debt and system architecture constraints to work through, with a keen awareness of the need to unwind data redundancy throughout our ecosystem. As we work to make Zuora our SSOT for all subscription data, we will explore the database architecture of CustomersDot and the future of

Another challenge which is top of mind, is the current limitations of our provisioning processes. On the self-managed side, we have customer and internal stakeholder (sales, support, finance) inefficiencies in manually ensuring customers get off to a productive start post purchase. We are looking to isolate all of the reasonas this occurs (many of which are documented on our Q4 OKRs) and solve for driving as much business as possible through self-service transactions without manual follow-up after purchase. _Note, we're creating a company KPI to measure our success in this area.

What's Next & Why

In Q4, we are laser-focused on delivering the Fulfillment OKRs which we've committed to as well as delivering the first iteration of Cloud License Management.

What is Not Planned Right Now

While we're thinking about making Zuora our SSOT, this is not a Q4 deliverable at this time.

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