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Category Vision - Transactions

🎁 Transactions

The Transactions category covers the Customers application, more commonly referred to as the Customer Portal or the Subscription Portal. This was created to serve as a billing engine for both self-managed and users. This is a separate application to GitLab, and requires a separate login to Typically, users use the Transactions portal to purchase and manage their GitLab Plan subscriptions and GitLab add-ons, although some customers may handle their transactions through the GitLab Sales team or a Reseller. All of these user journeys, both users of GitLab and GitLab team-members, are the responsibility of Fulfillment.

Please reach out to Luca Williams, Product Manager for Fulfillment (E-Mail/ Twitter) if you'd like to provide feedback or ask questions about what's coming.

πŸ”­ Vision

Engaging in business transactions with GitLab should be minimally invasive and when noticed, should be a positive, empowering and user-friendly experience. Our goal is to fulfill the needs of users all around the world in a manner that does not exclude them through a lack of flexibility in payment methods, currencies or billing models.

As part of the overall Transactions vision, users should:

We should also aim to make the Transactions portal provider independent, eliminating risk of down time due to subscription provider issues, and increasing GitLab's capability to always be able to work with a provider that aligns with our present needs and requirements.

Design and user experience is an overall priority for Fulfillment. Please visit this meta epic to see ongoing design and UX improvements to the Fulfillment group's categories.

🎭 Target audience and experience

Sidney (Systems Administrator) - Persona Description

There may be organisations that have multiple instances, so one billing administrator and multiple technical adminsrators. For small businesses, it’s more likely that they’re the same person. In general, the larger the organization, the more likely it is that personas will be separate people.

Evan (Billing Administrator) - [Persona Description TBD]

Evan generally does not use GitLab as part of their day-to-day responsibilities and may not have a GitLab account, since the organization may not want to use an additional seat. Their job is to make sure the different teams have access to the tools they need.

Skye (GitLab Billing/Sales Administrator) - [Persona Description TBD]

Kennedy (Sales Representative) - [Persona Description TBD]

For other details on the current journey for these personas, see a recent journey map. For more information on how we use personas and roles at GitLab, please click here.

πŸš€ What's next & why

Our biggest priorities focus around the goal of providing self-service options for users, reducing the need for manual intervention of GitLab team-members and user support requests.

We will concentrate on understanding what a great user experience for users and GitLab Team Members may look like, and perform deep user research and planning prior to engineering implementation. Please see πŸͺ Build a fully self-serviced transactions portal for more information.

Current focus

Priority Focus Why?
1️⃣ 🎊 Self-service upgrades for (SaaS) This is a first iteration towards enabling our customers to fully serve themselves when needing to perform any billing tasks. We recieve a significant number of requests per week from our users who would like to upgrade a Plan so implementing this would not only reduce workload on GitLab Team Members, freeing them up to help users in other ways, but it would also improve the overall user experience and potentially reduce churn.

Next up

Priority Focus Why?
2️⃣ An improved free trial sign-up experience for (SaaS) users A free trial is often the first interaction our users have with our Product and therefore could be a dealbreaker for them. Currently, the free trial experience as a whole is confusing,lengthy and frustrating and this issue to improve the sign-up flow of our free trial is our first iteration towards creating a delightful and exciting first-look experience into GitLab as a product.
3️⃣ An improved purchase experience for (SaaS) users Similarly to the free trial experience, our purchasing flow needs a serious refresh and this issue aims to significantly reduce the friction and frustration for our users who need to do business with us.
4️⃣ Automatically bill for newly added group members on One of our goals in Fulfillment is to create a fair billing experience for our users and this issue is an iteration towards that that goal. By implementing this, we can begin to shape a multi-directional billing flow that ensures our customers are fairly billed for what they use, and GitLab as a company accurately recieves payment for the services provided.

Please see the Fulfillment planning board for more details on what's next for Transactions.

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