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Group Direction - Utilization

Introduction and how you can help

Thanks for visiting the direction page for the Utilization group within the Fulfillment Section in GitLab. This page is maintained by Amanda Rueda, the Product Manager for the Utilization Group. This direction page is a work in progress and sharing your feedback directly on issues and epics within is the best way to contribute.

North Star

The Utilization group within the Fulfillment Section has a focus on helping customers to manage their budgets. Specifically, we aim to provide customers with insight and tools to manage usage of seats and consumables like CI minutes and Storage.

Who do we serve?

Although some features may cater specifically to large enterprises, the majority of our work benefits customers of all sizes and sectors and even expands to prospects trialing our paid subscriptions. The typical user persona interacting with our features is Sidney (Systems Administrator).


The Fulfillment sub-department handbook page has a Utilization section and our engineering team members directory can be found here.

Challenges to address

Today, customers struggle to effectively manage costs, especially when it comes to user overages due to a lack of:

  1. Visibility
  2. Tools
  3. System automation

Solving for these three core problems is the current focus of the Utilization group and slated to remain our focus for the current fiscal year.


We utilize these themes to focus our short-term roadmap and ensure we're picking work which solves a core customer problem.

Our current roadmap is focused on:

Theme Feature Segment Product
Visibility Billable members All SaaS
Visibility Billable users All Self-managed
Visibility Visualize seat utilization over time Enterprise SaaS & Self-Managed
Visibility Create user-friendly notification system for SaaS subscription management All SaaS
Visibility Improved visibility into storage consumption All SaaS & Self-Managed
Tools Control to easily remove members from one place All SaaS
Tools Control to easily change user roles from one place All Self-managed
System automation Automatically deactivate dormant users Enterprise Self-managed
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