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Introduction and how you can help

Thank you for visiting the category strategy page for DevOps Score. This page belongs to Virjinia Alexieva (E-Mail, Twitter).

This strategy is a work in progress and everyone can contribute by sharing their feedback directly on, via e-mail, or Twitter.


With VSM and Code Analytics, GitLab is trying to improve organizations' understanding of how their people and codebase interact in order to improve the speed and quality of software delivery. More and more new users are signing up on and through that expanding community, we hope to be able to draw insights into how the usage of GitLab's different components correlates with and improves the efficiency, velocity and quality of an organization. We would also like to enable Executives to compare their organization with the rest of the community and identify areas for improvement.

Our first attempt at providing instances with a single metric for GitLab adoption and engagement was ConvDev Index. As soon as the index was released, however, we recognized that it has opened an enormous space for research, which will evolve with our software.

Where we are Headed

The goal of DevOps is to increase quality, velocity and performance and we are helping customers to improve across these dimenions with Value Stream Management. There are multiple levels of detail required to manage and improve bottlenecks, but it's also important to define clear top line metrics that can be comparable across industries and companies. We believe the 4 main DORA metrics for DevOps success are a great start to that, which we will complement with other measures that companies have found powerful in providing a holistic picture of the health of their software development. Some of these include:

We will continue our journey by conducting research into how the usage of the different stages of GitLab correlates with positive results and attempt to quantify the relationships in a systematic, automated fashion. In the future, we hope we will be able to provide actionable recommendations to improve adoption and software development flows.

Target Audience and Experience

We believe once developed, the score and related metrics would be of great interest to many Engineering and DevOps Managers, who are seeking to understand the adoption of the tool in more detail and how to better utilize it.

What's Next & Why

Exploring a new DevOps Score

Maturity Plan

This category is currently at the Minimal maturity level and is planned to stay so for the rest of 2019. Please see our definitions of maturity levels and related epics.