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Product Vision - Mobile

Developing and delivering mobile apps with GitLab is a critical capability. Many technology companies are now managing a fleet of mobile applications, and being able to effectively build, package, test, and deploy this code in an efficient, effective way is a competitive advantage that cannot be understated. GitLab is taking improvements in this area seriously, with a unified vision across several of our DevOps stages.

To see an example of where we're headed and the kinds of easy-to-use flows we have in mind, check out this video where we demonstrate making a change to a mobile app using an iPad pro, send the build over to a MacOS runner, and receive a working copy back to test on the very same device using TestFlight. You can also see how to get up and running with Android builds and publishing today in our recent blog post (look for the iOS version coming shortly.)

Part of supporting Mobile builds includes our vision for better multi-platform support, making shared runners available for MacOS and Windows which will allow for mobile builds that require these platforms to be easier to get up and running.

North Stars

We apply our global product strategy to thinking about Mobile users. We treat the following principles as our north stars:

Stages with mobile focus

There are several stages involved in delivering a comprehensive, quality mobile experience at GitLab. These include, but are not necessarily limited to the following (with examples of what each area might deliver):

Highlighted epics and issues

There are a few important issues you can check out to see where we're headed. We are collecting these in gitlab-org&769.