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Category Vision - Requirements Management

Requirements Management

Requirements Management primer-type article from PMI

Many organizations create applications with rigorous requirements that need to be accurately tracked, and accounted for before developing the software, during, and afterward. Larger requirements need to be further broken down into smaller ones, with the relationships closely documented. This also ensures effective change control. That is, if a requirement changes, the team should be able to see the downstream impact immediately. Requirements management in GitLab addresses these problems and use cases.

See issues for requirements management.

What's next & why

The first step of this category is building out the initial requirements structure, in particular, at the group level. So that you can have a basic tree-structure of requirements. Future iterations include integration/linking with other places in GitLab, with test cases and issues, to achieve traceability. See, the MVC of requirements management.

Competitive landscape

Top competitors in this area are traditional tools that do requirements management used by business analysts, managers, and similar personas. Jama Connect and IBM Rational DOORS are two popular tools. How GitLab can set ourselves apart is leveraging other parts of GitLab to directly integrate with requirements. This can be test cases, issues, and our pipelines.

Analyst landscape

We have yet to engage more closely with analysts in this area. As this product category is prioritized for improvements as our Plan product and engineering headcount grows, we expect to engage more with analysts.

Top Customer Success/Sales issue(s)

The first step is building out the requirements management structure, scoped here

Top user issue(s)

Similar to above, we need to figure out the requirements structure - see epic here

Top internal customer issue(s)

Currently, GitLab team-members are not considering using Requirements Management.

Top Vision Item(s)