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Product Direction - Product Analysis

Product Analysis Group Overview

The Product Analysis group consists of a team of product analysts. This group reports to the Director of Product, Growth and serves as a specialized analytics team to support product data analysis requests. The primary customer this group serves is Product Managers from various sections/groups.

The Product Analysis group is part of the Research & Development (R&D) Data Fusion Team where the product analysts work closely with members from the central data team.


Since the Product Analysis group is a specialized analytics team, it collaborates with the Data team and Product Intelligence group very closely. Here is a quick summary of the responsbilities of each of these 3 teams:

Team Name DRI Goal Example Tasks
Product Analysis group Carolyn Braza: Manager, Product Data Analysis Perform analysis to unlock product insights when the data is available Ad hoc product analysis, experiment analysis, Product KPI tracking, and creation and maintenance of standardized Product metric dashboards
Product Intelligence group Amanda Rueda: Senior Product Manager, Product Intelligence Define and improve capabilities of product data set Make sure our product data set is comprehensive, available, and accurate,and that team members are enabled to create new instrumentation, charts, and dashboards in a self-service fashion
Data Team Rob Parker, Senior Director, Data and Analytics Build and maintain product data models and infrastructure to support data analysis Create repeatable and reliable product data sets & models & related data pipelines/processes

Note that due to the strategic importance of product data analysis and how early we are in the journey, the data team and product analysis team formed the R&D Fusion Team. The fusion team will take on some shared responsibilities in data analysis, data modeling and knowledge transfer/training for the foreseeable future, to progress our product data capabilities.

For more information about how the Product Analysis group works with the Data team at GitLab, please refer to following the model below and the data team's handbook page.

High level Collaboration Workflow between the 3 teams

  1. A data question needs to be answered with product data, the requester opens a data issue
  2. The data triager decides whether we have the data avaliable to answer that question
  3. If we don't have the data, open an issue for Product Intelligence Group
  4. If we have the data, route the requests to the Product Analysis Group
  5. Product Analysts perform analysis and build draft charts or dashboards
  6. Product Analysts define if the data analysis needs to be repeatable
  7. If the data analysis needs to repeatable, open an issue for data team to create trusted data model to enable future analysis

Issue intake and prioritization

You can read about the Product Analysis group's team processes on their handbook page.

Product Analysis Group’s Current Focus Area

As the Product Analysis Group was established in FY 21 Q4, the team is still in the process of forming. In FY22 Q1 and Q2, we will focus on the following areas:

Analysis Tasks

Team and Process

  1. Growth Data Guide
  2. Data for product managers
  3. Data team How we can help you Page
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