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Category Vision - Integration Testing

Integration Testing

It's important to validate that the components of your system work together well. By performing integration tests as part of your CI pipeline, you help ensure quality in every build.

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What's Next & Why

Next up will be gitlab#37125 an MVC to display how Integration tests (Jmeter, postman, etc.) results have changed as a result of the Merge Request that data is not readily available to the author of the change or anyone reviewing and approving the change.

Maturity Plan

This category is currently at the "Planned" maturity level and our next target is Minimal (See our definitions of maturity levels).

We are currently doing user research to determine what opportunities exist to reach the minimal level.

Competitive Landscape

API testing tools

API testing tools like SoupUI Pro, Apache JMeter and Hoverfly allows users to automate API and microservices testing across multiple services.

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