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Category Vision - Unit Testing

Unit Testing

Unit testing ensures that individual components built within a pipeline perform as expected, and are an important part of a Continuous Integration framework.

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This page is maintained by the Product Manager for Testing, James Heimbuck (E-mail)

What's Next & Why

We would like to help developers validate their code quickly through unit tests and when those tests fail provide the data and context they need within GitLab to diagnose a broken pipeline and move on quickly.

To further that vision the next item we work on will be gitlab#23257.

Maturity Plan

This category is currently at the "Minimal" maturity level, and our next maturity target is "Viable" (see our definitions of maturity levels).

Competitive Landscape


Top Customer Success/Sales Issue(s)


Top Customer Issue(s)

The most popular issue is gitlab#24792 which builds on the previously released JUnit XML Test Summary in MR Widget.

Top Internal Customer Issue(s)

The QA department has opened an interesting issue gitlab#14954, aimed at solving a problem where they have have limited visibility into long test run times that can impact efficiency.

Top Vision Item(s)

The top vision item is gitlab#3673 which will start to address the problem of flaky test results which cause developers to not trust test runs or force unnecessary reruns of tests. Both of those outcomes are undesirable and counter to our goal of minimizing the lead time of changes.