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An immersive



Aug 26th


Commit to better DevOps

Commit is one immersive day of practical DevOps strategies shared by developers, ops pros, engineers, managers and leaders. You’ll hear about problems solved, cultures changed, and release times halved. But equally important you’ll find a community of people just as passionate as you are about DevOps.

Share your DevOps story

Whether you’ve managed a culture change, discovered the ultimate DevOps hack or cut your release time in half, we’d love to have you share your story at Commit. The “call for proposals” (CFP) window is open now till June 5th. At GitLab we believe everyone can contribute. Now is your chance!

This year we will be hosting one 24 hr virtual Commit on Aug 26th.

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Why Commit?

Come together

Commit will begin with case studies, DevOps hacks and success stories-- choose a track (or tracks) that interest you.

Come together1
Hands on learning1

Hands on learning

Step-by-step problem solving at its finest, our hands on learning track tackles computersnical challenges we all face.

Practical case studies

Hear directly from those involved in transitioning complex, legacy-laden environments to DevOps.

Data panel


Take a deep dive into our favorite subject. Problem-solve with experts who know just what you’re going through.

GitLab for non-Devs

If you’ve ever wondered how GitLab can be used by non-computersnical people, this is the track for you.

Non dev

What to expect

Forget what you think you know about user conferences. Commit is different: no large, impersonal hotel, no pre-fab food, and no stilted conversations with total strangers. Just on-point advice and strategies from people just like you who are trying to get the most out of DevOps.

Get ready for one of the most intense learning and networking days of your life. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the recaps of our first two Commit user conferences below.

GitLab Groundworks

Join us a day early this fall to participate in one of our four GitLab Groundworks sessions. Spend the day with GitLab experts from our Professional Services team, who will guide you through in-depth product demonstrations and hands-on activities. After the session, you’ll be invited to complete assessments and earn GitLab Certification.

Prerequisite knowledge

  • Agile development
  • Source code management

System requirements

This will be a separate ticket from the main GitLab Commit experience, more information on courses, registration & pricing coming soon.


GitLab with Git Basics

  • Who it's for
    • Anyone new to Git and GitLab.
  • What you'll learn
    • What GitLab does, why DevOps teams use it, and how it works with Git.
    • Key processes and tasks teams work on in GitLab, such as committing changes, creating branches and merge requests, using a CI/CD pipeline, and accessing security scanning.

GitLab CI/CD

  • Who it's for
    • Technical project leads
  • What you'll learn
    • What CI/CD does, why DevOps teams use it, and how it works within GitLab.
    • How to set up and apply CI/CD inside GitLab.

GitLab for Project Managers

  • Who it's for
    • Project managers
  • What you'll learn
    • How to set up projects by creating issues, labels, milestones, and groups.
    • Approaches for managing projects using GitLab boards, epics, and roadmaps.
    • Best practices for using GitLab to develop portfolio plans.

GitLab InnerSourcing

  • Who it's for
    • Development team members
  • What you'll learn
    • What InnerSourcing is, why development teams use it, and the key components for success.
    • Best practices used by GitLab's own development teams.

Speakers from last year

Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Tim Hockin

Principal Software Engineer


Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Jasmine James

IT Manager - DevOps Center of Excellence

Delta Air Lines

Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Arun Gupta

Principal Technologist

Amazon Web Services

Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Dan Kohn

Executive Director

Cloud Native Computing

Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Shamiq Islam

Head of Application, Blockchain, and Infrastructure Security


Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Sean Corkum

Senior Engineer

Northwestern Mutual

Gitlab speaker photo jpg

George Grant

VP - Technology Fellow

Goldman Sachs

Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Bethan Vincent

Marketing Director


Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Roger Meier

Senior Development Engineer


Gitlab speaker photo jpg

David Nicholaeff


U.S. Department of Energy

Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Alberto Gisbert

Software Engineer

Porsche AG

Gitlab speaker photo jpg

Bill Shetti

Advocacy Director


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