Commit: Innovate Together

Aug 3rd - 4th, 2021

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Commit Speaker Page

Thank you so much for your participation in GitLab Commit Virtual 2021. This page is designed to be a single source of truth for all the info speakers need for participating in Commit. Email Emily Chin ( with any questions.

Speaker Checklist

Immediate To-dos:

  • Please send your speaker brief bio and photo
  • Schedule the 3 meetings to prep*, practice*, and record your session (*strongly recommended, but not required)
  • GitLab is committed to ensuring that all members of our community feel welcomed and safe. Please review
  • the Inclusive Naming Project.

Event-week Final Reminders

  • Please register using the speaker registration link.
  • The event will take place on Hopin; please plan to use Chrome for the best experience
  • Please add “– SPEAKER” at the end of your last name in your Hopin profile so attendees know that they can ask you questions in chat!
  • You should have a calendar hold with your session time(s) on your schedule; please let me know if you didn’t receive.
  • If you can join for your session, please announce yourself in the “Stage Chat” and navigate to the Q&A tab to see if any questions arise! You can feel free to respond to folks in the chat, or link articles and other great connections as appropriate.
  • We plan to upload all talks to YouTube for on-demand viewing immediately post-event! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
  • If you’re interested in sharing any articles or blog posts ahead of Commit, we’d love to cross-post, retweet, or otherwise amplify! Tag us with #GitLabCommit.

Key Logistics

  • All talks will be pre-recorded
  • We’ll aim to set up at least 3 meetings (including a recording session time) ahead of the event, 3-4 August, 2021
  • On 3-4 August, we’ll have a live Q&A component via chat window, so speakers are encouraged to join their session in real-time and jump into chat-bar discussions with attendees
  • Please use the GitLab Commit Virtual 2021 slide deck template.
  • Feel free to begin sharing about your GitLab Commit Virtual session on social media with the social sharing assets.

Key Dates

All sessions will be pre-recorded to allow for production and packaging of videos with their slides. We have some due dates laid out to assist with getting everything scheduled. While the prep meeting and practice session are not required, they are strongly recommended. The recording due date is final – if a speaker is unable to submit their final recording by 23:59 PST on 14 July 2021, the GitLab team reserves the right to replace the speaker.

  • Week of 2021-06-07: Prep meeting (optional, recommended)
  • Week of 2021-06-14: Practice session 1 (optional, recommended)
  • Week of 2021-06-21: Practice session 2 (optional, recommended)
  • 2021-06-22: Session titles and descriptions final
  • 2021-06-23: Agenda published
  • 2021-06-28: Recordings begin
  • 2021-07-14: Last day to submit recording
  • 2021-08-3 and 2021-08-4: Event days!

How To Record & Virtual Speaker Best Practices

If you’re looking for some general guidance on remote speaking best practices for pre-recorded talks, please check out our recommendations and images explaining the below.

You will receive a custom recording link from Digitally Speaking soon! Once you receive your link, please follow the below:

  • Enter the URL that has been shared with you into the Google Chrome search bar and press enter.
  • Enter your name into the text field and click on the ‘Enter’ button to the right.
  • You will then see (3) numbered tabs beginning on the left side of the page.
  • Choose the second tab “>2 Meeting Room and Record,” to enter the recording studio where you will see and hear the other participants.
  • Set up your microphone and camera settings
  • Click on the “Settings” button (located below the “Start My Camera” button in the middle of the screen)
  • If you have not previously used your webcam in the Google Chrome application, you will be prompted to allow Google Chrome to use your webcam.
  • Choose your microphone and camera settings.
  • Select the “Update” button at the bottom of the window
  • It is highly encouraged to use a headset microphone for your recordings. If you do not have a headset available, you will need to enable Echo Cancellation in the Settings menu.
  • If you want to record just your video, please click “Start Recording My Camera” now!
  • If you wish to record your shared screen at the same time as your video, please read on:
  • Open your presentation into Presenter view
  • Add your slides or demo screen
  • On the Digitally Speaking platform Click the ‘Start Screen Capture’ button and select the relevant screen content
  • On a Mac, the first time Chrome tries to use "Screen Sharing", MacOS needs to authorize it. Go to: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording. Select Chrome. Restart your browser.
  • Click ‘Start Recording My Camera & Screen’
  • Click ‘Start Recording My Camera & Screen’ and ensure that you click ‘Hide’ on tab at the bottom of the screen share.

Deep Dive Logistics

Event theme: Innovate Together

Everything will be pre-recorded, with a due date of 14 July for final files and slides

  • The 2021 Commit event slide template is available now! Please make a copy of the template.
  • Please schedule a practice session with your Stage Archictect and Technical Archictect -- the purpose of this meeting is to check for time, flow, and content!
  • After you record, your Stage Architect will record an introduction and conclusion that will be packaged with your session
  • Your video + shared screen will be edited in post-production so that your video and slides move dynamically, based on the content you are presenting (instead of your slides taking up the full view)
  • Please note in your slide notes the key words before or after your slide transitions, so the editing team can follow along and match your presentation with your video. Alternatively, if you record with your Stage Manager or Emily, we can stay with you on Zoom to follow along and assist with marking slide transitions.
  • Q&A will occur simultaneously via the text chat function on the day of the event. Once we've finalized the agenda, I'll send a calendar invitation for your session times, should you wish to type any responses to questions or interact with attendees. You can also include contact info in your presentation, if you'd like to answer questions asynchronously

Our Social Media team will be creating speaker promotion cards, and can share those directly with you should you wish to promote your session

Finally, this team is here to support you. If there's anything I can do to help (port slides over, find graphics, etc), happy to jump in and lend a hand.

What to expect

Commit is a 2-day virtual experience, enabling participants in any time zone to participate in four different stages.

Commit is focused on providing practical advice and strategies from people just like you who are trying to get the most out of DevOps, and their day-to-day workflows. Get ready for an intense learning and networking event that'll help you commit to better DevOps. Take a look at the recaps of our first two Commit user conferences below, and register now to belong to a community of individuals leading digital transformation.

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