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Organizing an event? Looking for a speaker from GitLab? Look no further. Here's a list of awesome speakers from the GitLab team and wider community. Feel free to reach out directly to the speakers listed.

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Balasankar C

Kochi, Kerala, India

Git basics, Debian packaging, GitLab CI/CD, FOSS, Chef Omnibus

Wu Xin

Hangzhou, China

Ruby Javascript DevOps PaaS



Achilleas Pipinellis

Montpellier, France

Linux - Git/GitLab basics - GitLab CI/CD


Ben Kochie

Berlin, Germany

Prometheus, Monitoring

Gabriel Gonçalves Nunes Mazetto

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ruby, DevOps

Grzegorz Bizon

Olsztyn, Poland

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment / Code design and quality

Jindrich Skupa

Pilsen, Czech Republic

Solution Architecture / Distributed Systems / Networking

Philippe Charrière

Lyon, France

GitLab usages, InnerSource, CI/CD/DEVOPS, JavaScript


Sarah O'Donnell

Manchester, UK

User experience research

Zeger-Jan van de Weg

Utrecht, The Netherlands

git basics & CI/CD


Ashish Kuthiala

Austin, TX, USA


Brandon Jung

Denver, CO

Leadership, DevOps, CI/CD & Cloud Technologies, Cloud Trends

Mario de la Ossa

Managua, Nicaragua

Remote work, Backend development, Ruby

US East

Brendan O'Leary

Annapolis, MD

DevOps, CI/CD & Cloud Technologies


Joel Krooswyk

Chicago, IL

Leadership / Cloud Native / DevOps Transformation

Josh Temple

New York, NY, USA

Data Engineering, Become a data professional, Data for startups, Testing and CI for data

Leeeee Matos

New York City, NY

Support Process / Dev <-> Support <-> Product Relations / Remote Leadership / Leadership

Philippe Lafoucrière

Quebec City, QC, Canada

Security, Go, PostgreSQL


US South

Sarrah Vesselov

Tampa, FL

User experience design / Remote Leadership / Leadership

US West

Barbie Brewer

Pleasanton, CA

Culture, Remote Work, Diversity, People Ops

Taurie Davis

Portland, OR

User experience design

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