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Find a speaker from GitLab

Organizing an event? Looking for a speaker from GitLab? Look no further. Here's a list of awesome speakers from the GitLab team and wider community. Feel free to reach out directly to the speakers listed.

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Balasankar C

Kochi, Kerala, India

Git basics, Debian packaging, GitLab CI/CD, FOSS, Chef Omnibus

Ramya Authappan

Chennai, India

Quality Engineering, DevOps, Test Automation

Wu Xin

Hangzhou, China

Ruby Javascript DevOps PaaS



Achilleas Pipinellis

Montpellier, France

Linux - Git/GitLab basics - GitLab CI/CD


Alessio Caiazza

Florence, Italy

CI/CD, Go, Backend development

Ben Kochie

Berlin, Germany

Prometheus, Monitoring

Gabriel Gonçalves Nunes Mazetto

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ruby, DevOps

Grzegorz Bizon

Olsztyn, Poland

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment / Code design and quality

Jindrich Skupa

Pilsen, Czech Republic

Solution Architecture / Distributed Systems / Networking

Julien Pivotto (roidelapluie)

Brussels, Belgium

Open Source


Kevin Davin

Toulouse, France

Google Cloud, CI/CD, DevOps, Quality, Testing, Kotlin, Spring

Philippe Charrière

Lyon, France

GitLab usages, InnerSource, CI/CD/DEVOPS, JavaScript


Rayana Verissimo

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

User experiece design, Design Systems, and Remote work


Sarah O'Donnell

Manchester, UK

User experience research

Stefan G. Weichinger

Waidhofen a/Y, Austria, Europe

Linux, Open Source, Infrastructure


Tetiana Chupryna

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Ruby, Rails, Backend development, Security

Zeger-Jan van de Weg

Utrecht, The Netherlands

git basics & CI/CD


Anastasia Pshegodskaya

Moscow, Russia

Asynchronous communication, Building all-remote teams, GitLab for non-tech users, Global Hiring and Sourcing

April Hoffbauer

Nebraska, USA

Talent Acquisition, Global Hiring, Remote Recruiting, Remote Work, Employee Development in Remote Teams

Brandon Jung

Denver, CO

Leadership, DevOps, CI/CD & Cloud Technologies, Cloud Trends

Charlie Ablett

New Zealand

Ruby, Rails, Backend development, Remote Work, Object-oriented analysis & systems design, GraphQL, Community software, Git

Denys Mishunov

Tønsberg, Norway

Frontend, Web Performance, Javascript Development, Psychology


John Jeremiah

Merritt Island, FL, USA

IT Leadership, Digital Transformation, GitLab

Mario de la Ossa

Managua, Nicaragua

Remote work, Backend development, Ruby, Elasticsearch

Nicolò (Nico) Maria Mezzopera

Budapest, Hungary

Vue.js and third party libraries

US East

Brendan O'Leary

Annapolis, MD

DevOps, CI/CD & Cloud Technologies


Joel Krooswyk

Chicago, IL

Leadership / Cloud Native / DevOps Transformation

Josh Temple

New York, NY, USA

Data Engineering, Become a data professional, Data for startups, Testing and CI for data

Leeeee Matos

New York City, NY

Support Process / Dev <-> Support <-> Product Relations / Remote Leadership / Leadership

Philippe Lafoucrière

Quebec City, QC, Canada

Security, Go, PostgreSQL


US South

US West

Still couldn't find a speaker?

Check out the GitLab Heroes to find additional community speakers in your area or reach out and we'll help find one.

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