KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2021

Visit our booth or join us for Commit at KubeCon: DevOps

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May 3, 2021 - May 7, 2021

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Join us at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EMEA

Connect with GitLab experts and learn how GitLab can help your team accelerate software delivery from weeks to minutes, reduce development costs, and reduce the risk of application vulnerabilities while increasing developer productivity. Stop by our virtual booth to see a live demo, learn about our latest releases, get swag and explore what’s on the roadmap for GitLab.

Commit at KubeCon: DevOps

Bringing together the GitLab community, Commit shares stories from across the software development lifecycle to inspire and connect teams to innovate together. This year, we’re bringing Commit to KubeCon! GitLab Commit at KubeCon: DevOps will showcase how software professionals iterate to spark transformation, innovation, and collaboration. During this half-day event, attendees will learn practical techniques and useful insights to implement at their organizations. As the DevOps platform, GitLab supports teams to change how software is delivered. GitLab Commit at KubeCon: DevOps amplifies stories of transformation to empower DevOps teams to increase velocity, collaboration, and visibility.

Join us on May 4, 2021 to learn how to build better software faster with DevOps. Register now to save your spot!

Sessions at KubeCon EMEA

Resources to get you started with GitLab and Kubernetes

  • Connecting GitLab with a Kubernetes cluster
    • Connect your project to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or an existing Kubernetes cluster in a few steps.
  • Installing GitLab on Kubernetes
    • The easiest method to deploy GitLab on Kubernetes is to take advantage of GitLab’s Helm charts.
  • GitLab + Kubernetes
    • Everything you need to build, test, deploy, and run your app at scale
  • GitLab Prometheus
    • Prometheus is a powerful time-series monitoring service, providing a flexible platform for monitoring GitLab and other software products. GitLab provides out of the box monitoring with Prometheus, providing easy access to high quality time-series monitoring of GitLab services.
  • Why Prometheus is for everyone
    • It’s no secret that here at GitLab, we hitched our wagon to Prometheus long ago. We’ve been shipping it with GitLab since 8.16. Here’s why your organization should be using it too
  • How Jaguar Land Rover embraced CI to speed up their software lifecycle
    • Inspiration, persistence, an attitude of continuous improvement – how adopting CI helped this vehicle company implement software over the air.
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