KubeCon + Cloud Native Conf China

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June 26-28, 2019

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Shanghai, China

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Booth # S9

How you can get started with GitLab and Kubernetes

  • Connecting GitLab with a Kubernetes cluster
    • Connect your project to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or an existing Kubernetes cluster in a few steps.
  • Installing GitLab on Kubernetes
    • The easiest method to deploy GitLab on Kubernetes is to take advantage of GitLab’s Helm charts.
  • GitLab + Kubernetes
    • Everything you need to build, test, deploy, and run your app at scale
  • GitLab Prometheus
    • Prometheus is a powerful time-series monitoring service, providing a flexible platform for monitoring GitLab and other software products. GitLab provides out of the box monitoring with Prometheus, providing easy access to high quality time-series monitoring of GitLab services.
  • Why Prometheus is for everyone
    • It’s no secret that here at GitLab, we hitched our wagon to Prometheus long ago. We’ve been shipping it with GitLab since 8.16. Here’s why your organization should be using it too
  • How Jaguar Land Rover embraced CI to speed up their software lifecycle
    • Inspiration, persistence, an attitude of continuous improvement – how adopting CI helped this vehicle company implement software over the air.

We are no longer accepting registrations as the date of the event has passed. Please feel free to browse our upcoming events here .

Priyanka Sharma

Business Models in the Age of the Hyper Clouds

Priyanka Sharma

Director of Technical Evangelism

June 25th, 2019





Companies based on open source projects are navigating interesting times when it comes to monetization. During the talk, Priyanka will walk through the latest developments with hyper clouds service wrapping open source, non-compete licenses released by open source companies, business model options for open source based companies, and the GitLab model of buyer-based open core.