GitLab Feature Comparison

Reporting and Publishing

Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Host static pages straight (with TLS and CNAME support) from GitLab using GitLab Pages *
Contribution Analytics, see detailed statistics of contributors *
Edit files, directories and create merge requests straight from the web interface * *
Audit log and events *
Cycle Analytics * *

Extended authentication and authorization integration

Community Edition Enterprise Edition
LDAP user authentication (also compatible with Active Directory) * *
Multiple LDAP server support (also compatible with Active Directory) *
LDAP group synchronization (also compatible with Active Directory) *
Create and remove admins based on an LDAP group *
Kerberos user authentication *
Two-factor Authentication * *
Integrate with Atlassian Crowd *
Central Authentication Service (CAS) integration * *

Fine-grained workflow management

Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Groups consisting of multiple people with a shared namespace for projects * *
Ability to fork a repository * *
Share a project with other groups * *
Manage large binaries with git LFS * *
Manage large binaries with git annex *
Rebase merge requests before merge *
Use fast-forward merges when possible *
Push Rules (commit message must mention an issue, no tag deletion, etc.) *
Webhooks at Project Level * *
Webhooks at Group Level *
Lock project membership to the members of a group *
Approve Merge Requests *
Mirror External Repositories *
Automatically Merge on Build Success * *
Set weight of issues *
Create templates for issues and merge requests *
Quick see what is important with Todos * *
Revert any commit quickly and easily * *
File locking *
Global code search *
Merge request versions * *
Prevent committing secrets *
Merge conflict resolution * *
Issue Board * *
Branch Permissions for users *
Resolve discussion in merge requests * *
Control issues and merge requests with Slash commands * *
Integrate with Koding * *

Additional server management options

Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Branded Login Page * *
An admin can email all users of a project, a group or the entire server *
Omnibus package supports log forwarding *
Project importing from GitHub to GitLab * *
Project importing from to your private GitLab instance *
Super-powered search using Elasticsearch *
(GitLab Geo) Geographically replicated instance *
Limit project size at a global, group and project level *

Deeper integration with your tool stack

Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Mention JIRA ticket from GitLab * *
Reference JIRA issues with GitLab commits, merge requests and issues * *
Close JIRA issues with GitLab commits * *
Display merge request status for builds on Jenkins CI *
Omnibus package supports configuring an external PostgreSQL database * *
Omnibus package supports configuring an external MySQL database *

Continuous Integration

Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Continuous integration shipped along and fully integrated in the GitLab interface * *
Configure CI builds using a versioned, flexible build script * *
Power your CI with Docker * *
Artifacts as output. Stored in GitLab and explorable * *
Run your builds on any machine, architecture, infinitely scalable * *
Trigger builds easily, allowing for extensive customization and integration with your existing tools * *
GitLab Container Registry for Docker images * *
Build pipelines * *
Environments and deployments in CI * *